Capsule Nixie Digital Clock
Capsule Nixie Digital Clock

Capsule Nixie Digital Clock

Short Description

Capsule Nixie Clock app beautifully emulates the classic nixie tube design

Full Description

Unveil a new dimension of timekeeping with the Capsule Nixie Clock app. Witness the fusion of modern technology and retro aesthetics, as nixie tubes encased in glass capsules bring a touch of vintage charm to your digital experience.

Fascinating Nixie Tube Display: Watch time come to life through captivating nixie tubes in distinct capsule forms.
Background Customization: Choose from four background options.
Digit Overlay Colour: Overlay the digits with customizable colorus to create the perfect blend.
Personalized Overlay Shade: Adjust the color and intensity of the overlay to suit your taste.
Versatile Time Formats: Select your preferred time format: HH/MM/SS or HH/MM.
Date Presentation: Display the date in either DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY format.
Battery Percentage & Charging Indicator: Keep track of your device’s battery life and charging status effortlessly.
Minimalistic View: Toggle the date and battery indicators for an uncluttered interface.
Dynamic Backlight Control: Set the backlight colour, intensity, and blur radius for a visually stunning experience.
Portrait & Landscape Mode Options: Tailor the position of the clock digits for both portrait and landscape orientations.
Portrait Digit Positions: Choose from left, middle, or right for the digit placement in portrait mode.
Landscape Digit Positions: Opt for top, middle, or bottom for digit placement in landscape mode.
Reset to Default: Instantly reset all settings to their default values with the convenient reset button.
Discover the allure of nixie tubes as they transcend time with elegance. Experience the Capsule Nixie Clock app today and redefine the way you perceive time.

Note 1: This app does not include stopwatch or alarm functionalities. It is designed purely for a seamless and aesthetically pleasing timekeeping experience.

Note 2: Kindly be informed that the Capsule Nixie Clock app is not a home screen widget or wallpaper application.